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Grounding Sheets – Keep your health

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In ancient times,people walked barefoot and slept naked on the ground, connected with the earth.With the development of modern civilization, people are slowly living inreinforced concrete buildings, walking with rubber soled shoes, almost isolatedfrom the earth. For a long time, with the increase of work and life pressure,people found that the quality of sleep is getting worse and worse, the physicalfunction is getting worse and worse, insomnia, physical pain, fatigue and othersymptoms often occur. But when people get close to nature and connect with theearth again, magical things happen, and some symptoms will be relieved or evendisappear. This is the power of grounding.

The earth’s surface isfilled with a large number of negative charges. The free electrons withnegative charges have the function of preventing oxidation. When free electronsenter the human body, they will combine with harmful free radicals, eliminateharmful free radicals and maintain human health. So, how to make free electronsenter the human body? Grounding, using our grounding bed sheet can be verysimple to achieve this function.


Set Included:


1Grounding Sheet

Grounding Cable 15 foot

One Manual



Can usedetergent, can dry at low temperature, but do not dry at high temperature.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 30 × 2 cm
Plug Standard



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